break me/harder

It is a privilege to be a part of curator Noelia Porter's current exhibition at rm.  break me/harder is an exhibition within an exhibition, with the main show, Yours to Tell curated by Catherine Hunt.

As Noelia states, "The exhibition surveys a landscape of of femininity, break-up, love, resilience and hope. Bringing together an international and multigenerational group of artists and writers, the exhibition aspires to connect and give closure to the narratives and traces of broken relationships taken apart, investigated and explored by each of them".*

Noelia's break me/harder also features Rosario Aninat, Audrey Baldwin, Jordana Bragg, Ruby Joy Eade and Sofia Rocha Casenave, and runs from 4 August to 20 August.  This exquisite image in the below invite is a still from Audrey Baldwin's video work.  Seriously now, look how stunning that still is!

Here are some links is you want further information about this exhibition:

rm's website with further details about Catherine Hunt's exhibition Yours to Tell

Further details about break me/harder from Noelia on the Cargo Collective website
*Noelia's above quote sourced from this website