Nominally North | Actually North

In the past few weeks 'north' has been on my mind, as two shows of differently northerly qualities have opened.  The month of June saw one of my residency works fly back north to Canada, and me fly south to North Projects.

Collapsed Geographies, a work made as part of my residency at the Banff Centre (click here for details) is part of the exhibition Landscapes Reconstructed at The Whyte Museum (Banff, Alberta) as part of their suite of summer exhibitions.  This exhibition runs from June 19th to October 16th.  Further details of the show can be found ... here!

And Oscar: With a sinister hoist, the semaphore flag is my solo show at North Projects, running June 24th to July 16th.   Each work in the show samples from, copies, or erases existing film footage or audio and literary material from well-known sources, exploring the physical and intangible space language occupies in different forms. 

The show also includes a beautiful exhibition essay, knowing when to stop, from the inestimable Alice Tappenden.

More details about the show (and this most excellent gallery) can be found by clicking HERE!