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Banff Centre Residency


It's been about a month since I arrived home from the Late Winter Intensive Residency at the Banff Centre.  So high time to upload some photos of the open studio, eh what?

The project I worked on during the residency was called An Open Love Letter, a project that built on the ideas in The Floor We Walk On.  Further information about this residency and my project can be found by clicking riiiight ... here! 

Collapsed Geographies  (detail)

Collapsed Geographies (detail)

Eighteen Years, Six Rooms: Nick Spratt and RM

It was a great pleasure to write a piece for Art New Zealand about Nick Spratt and his tenure as a RM co-director.  Writing this was a fascinating experience: Nick was an extremely generous, knowledgeable and interesting person to interview, and RM's history, stretching from downtown Auckland in the 90s to K'rd today, is an important part of New Zealand's art history.

And what a glorious cover!  Looking good, Evan!

Walking on to The Dowse

After winning the Parkin Drawing Prize in September, The Floor We Walk On is soon to be a part of Suburban Dreams at The Dowse Art Museum from 30 January to 29 May, 2016.  Curated by Sian van Dyk, the exhibition, "[...] explores the place of suburbia in our lives, finding significance and complexity in the commonplace." 

Further details can be found by clicking right here. 

(Below image: a screen-shot from the Dowse website with a sneaky peak of Ruth Cleland's beautiful Island #2)