Art New Zealand Cover Feature: But How Does It Mean?

I feel extremely privileged to be in the summer issue of Art New Zealand, along with the talented Yolunda Hickman and Dorota Broda.  The beautifully written article, about the potentials of aesthetic experience in conceptual art, is by Ed Hanfling.  The cover was by Russ Flatt, an amazing photographer and lovely chap.  

Here's a little titbit:

"I am drawn to the work of these three artists because it is, in the same way as certain abstract paintings, reserved, quiet, rigorous and open.  Other artists have taken conceptual art in a different direction, towards complexity rather than succinctness; they make bloated installations that seem to be trying to convince the viewer that they are full of ideas, but instead degenerate into overwhelming, over-stimulating visual spectacle.  The lean, tough materiality of the works under discussion here, is more resistant, withheld, conceptually complex by dint of its aesthetic simplicity."

Shucks, thanks Ed!