Duas Cidades

RM | Auckland and Veredas-SP | São Paulo

Opening Wednesday, September 18th, 6pm

Anthony Cribb | Bruno Baptistelli | Fábio Tremonte | Fernanda Barreto | Finn Ferrier | Gabrielle Amodeo | Michelle Beattie | Rafael RG | Yolunda Hickman

An exchange between a group of five New Zealand and four South American artists to form a ‘single exhibition’ that occurs in two different galleries in two different cities at the same time: RM in Auckland, New Zealand and VEREDAS-SP in São Paulo, Brazil.

Separated by 12012km, an ocean and a continent, the initial motivation for the exchange project was to address geographical and geopolitical similarities and differences. However, over the course of 18 months this project has become an on-going series of communications and miscommunications, understandings and misunderstandings, sudden strides forward followed by frequent postponements.

The resulting exhibition is a series of works which in parts address our initial motivations, but the works also reflect lost points of reference, concealed stories and misinterpreted information. There continues to be a shared uncertainty as each group of artists interprets, installs and contextualises the unfamiliar works in their familiar spaces.

Facilitated by Gabrielle Amodeo and Fernanda Barreto